Manufacturing ceiling panels

Do you need to automate production?

We’ll construct machines for you that will complete ceiling panels. The machines or specialised lines produce automobile ceiling panels by modifying the main part and connecting other components. We use the following process for this project.

Bending fabric

We know which technology is best for upholstering your ceiling panel so that it looks elegant.

How the machine works

The basic part is a carrier coated with fabric that is bent over the edge of the device and glued using a hot-melt adhesive applied by a robot. The technician slang for this is called “umbug”.

Bonding components

Bonding the small parts when making ceiling panels is an important process.

How the machine works

The fabric-bonded machine bonds other components to the hot-melt adhesive. These are mostly reinforcements, frames, and delimiters.

Mechanical assembly

Ceiling panels can’t be made on a production line without mechanical assembly.

How the machine works

The device mounts components such as stiffeners, lamps, handles, delimiters, and clips into the openings and clips.

Punching openings

How the machine works

According to the final product version, the machine mechanically punches openings for assembly parts, such as switches, controls, and lighting.


Robotisation is an integral part of automation that is interwoven throughout the entire production process.

How the machine works

Robots are applied for handling and, specifically for these machines, to apply the hot-melt adhesive

Do you need more operators on one line?

We can easily handle half-automated machines as well as comprehensive production lines.

You can rely on our machines and production lines

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