Component fabrication

Do you need to automate production?

Forming processes are also an integral part of our machines, where plastic and metal parts are bent or cut by force caused by pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, as well as more and more frequently by actuators.


How does this technology work?

The machines use mechanisms for bending during various operations with metals parts, where it is necessary to complete the parts’ shape and join it with another. It is common to monitor these processes by measuring the force and tracks.

Cutting and punching

How does this technology work?

Using the punching method, the machine completes variable parts of automobiles, such as bumpers and interior cladding parts. It creates openings mainly for parking sensors, headlight washers, driving assistants, or towing devices.


How does this technology work?

The machine presses products and uses simple pneumatic or hydraulic mechanisms, as well as very sophisticated servo-mechanical presses with process control and force and track monitoring.

Do you need more operators on one line?

We can easily handle half-automated machines as well as comprehensive production lines.

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