Mechanical assembly

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Mechanical assembly is the foundation for the majority of automated processes. See below to learn about our most frequently used solutions.

Automatic component feeding

How the machine works

An important part of automatic assembly systems is the feeding of parts by means of vibrating hoppers and conveyors or manipulators and robots removing parts from pallets or other packages.

Parts handling

How the machine works

The machine moves parts in the machines from the input positions and feeders towards the assembly unit by means of conveyors, pneumatic manipulators, actuators, and robots.

Interoperable handling

How the machine works

The machine moves parts and subassemblies using rotary tables, pallet systems, manipulators, or robots from one completed process to the next.

Parts and components joining

How the machine works

The individual parts and components are joined to the machines with the help of sophisticated pneumatic or servo-electric and hydraulic drives. It is common to monitor these processes by measuring the force and tracks.

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We can easily handle half-automated machines as well as comprehensive production lines.

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