Welding and soldering

Do you need to automate production?

Welding is a common process that we apply to most of our machines. In this area, we have loads of experience, especially with ultrasonic welding. Our machines join parts via various technologies, which we have listed below.

Ultrasonic plastic welding

We know how

We apply a large number of riveting, penetrating, and energy welding units with converters and generators to the pneumatic or servo-electric units developed by us. Our typical machines contain tens to hundreds of them.

Thermal plastic welding

We’ve developed a compact and easy-to-set-up machine for welding plastic parts using two technologies.

How do the machines work?

The first is the hot mirror method, which is based on actuators, easy tool changes, and heat monitoring. The second is our own “hot stamping” welding technology.

Welding metal

How the machine works

We mostly apply micro-resistance, laser, or discharge welding technology for electrical parts. We also gave the machine the application of TIG technology.

Soldering aluminium

Unique technology

To solder the aluminium of heat exchangers, we were involved in creating a particularly specific and sophisticated machine.

Do you need more operators on one line?

We can easily handle half-automated machines as well as comprehensive production lines.

You can rely on our machines and production lines

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