“Umbug” fabric bending

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Bending fabric over the visible edge, i.e., “umbug”, is a frequently used process in our machines and production lines for completing parts that clad a vehicle’s interior. Look here to see the specific technologies used.

“Umbug” with a fusion adhesive

When is this technology used?

We apply this process when building a ceiling panel machine. The basis of the machine is a robot dispensing fusion adhesive, our know-how then implements folding and closing mechanisms.

“Umbug” via thermal welding

How does this technology work?

We have experience with the development and application of special heated folds of fabric cut into a plastic piece, mostly intended for lining automobile pillars. This heated folder then welds the fabric to the plastic base.

“Umbug” via ultrasonic welding

How does this technology work?

When using this process, the fabric is first folded by a pneumatic mechanism in the machine and then welded using ultrasonic technology.

Dispensing lubricants

There are many uses here

A large group of mechanical products that are part of the assembly machine and production lines needs to be provided with the right amount of lubricant. That is why we apply the appropriate dispensing technology.

Do you need more operators on one line?

We can easily handle half-automated machines as well as comprehensive production lines.

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