Bonding components, potting, and dispensing

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The basis or part of these machines is the application of dispensers for adhesives, sealants, lubricants, and other similar materials. We use simple pneumatic mechanisms as well as sophisticated servo-mechanisms and robots.

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Where is this technology used?

We primarily use this technology to bond components to the ceiling panels and to bend fabric over the visible edge, i.e., “umbug”.

Potting electronics

How the machine works

Dispensing systems for potting compounds and subsequent curing are often applied when building lines for products containing electronics, and when working in an unfavorable environment.

Dispensing thermal paste

How does this technology work?

When building the machine for assembling electronics coolers, we use thermal paste dispensers.

Dispensing lubricants

There are many uses here

A large group of mechanical products that are part of the assembly machine and production lines needs to be provided with the right amount of lubricant. That is why we apply the appropriate dispensing technology.

Do you need more operators on one line?

We can easily handle half-automated machines as well as comprehensive production lines.

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