Manufacturing heat exchangers

Do you need to automate production?

We’ll design for you machines or lines that produce engine coolers, compressed air coolers, evaporators, and condensers, all of which are in line with trends and automobile battery coolers. We use the following processes for this project.

Mechanical assembly

It’s impossible to produce heat exchangers without mechanical assembly.

How the machine works

The machine joins the individual components using various automated mechanisms, typically by forming aluminium parts.

Soldering aluminium

How the machine works

The machine solders aluminium components via technology specially developed to shorten this process.

Leak and functionality test

Every product on our machines isn’t only manufactured with great quality but its required properties are also monitored and inspected.

How the machine works

It tests for leaks and the rigidity of the completed heat exchangers working with various mediums.


Applied robots perform all of the more complex assembly processes.

Where is it used?

Robotic systems are an integral part of automation; in this case, for instance, they handle parts and finished products.

Camera inspection

How the machine works

Every product is inspected by a specialised machine using a sensor, cameras, and electronic testers.

Product description

At the end of the process and while still on the product lines, the manufactured and inspected product is described according to the customer’s wishes.

How the machine works

The machine describes the finished product for obvious identification according to the customer’s wishes as well as the product’s character, whether mechanically, by laser, or in ink.

Do you need more operators on one line?

We can easily handle half-automated machines as well as comprehensive production lines.

You can rely on our machines and production lines

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