Manufacturing door panels

Do you need to automate production?

We’ll make you a specialised machine or line to produce door panels, dashboards, pillar trim, luggage compartments, and other parts of the automobile’s interior trim. We use the following processes for these typical projects.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is the basic process for this type of machine and production line.

How the machine works

It joins the plastic parts into a designer unit mostly via the ultrasonic riveting process, however, the technologies of penetration and energy welding are also used.

Thermal welding


What does this mean?

To join plastic parts by riveting, the machine uses a technology specifically called “hot stamping”.

Punching openings

How the machine works

According to the final product version, the machine mechanically punches openings for assembly parts, such as switches, controls, and lighting.

Mechanical assembly

Mechanical assembly is the basis for the majority of automated processes.

How the machine works

Our machines mechanically assembly smaller components via automated mechanisms and presses. The commonly used process is screwing and automatic clip placement.


Perfection is in the details.
Every product on our machines isn’t only manufactured with great quality but its required properties are also monitored and inspected.

How the machine works

Apart from product completeness checks via a sensor and cameras, the machine also tests the functions of the implemented parts, e.g., the interior lighting.


The more complex assembly processes are performed by applied robots.

What does this mean?

In these projects, robotisation is used for handling and especially for assembling clips.

Do you need more operators on one line?

We can easily handle half-automated machines as well as comprehensive production lines.

You can rely on our machines and production lines

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