Manufacturing bumpers

Do you need to automate production?

The machines complete the bumper covers of the automobile by modifying the main part and connecting other components. Our production lines are designed primarily for JIT and JIS productions, where the basic components are made up of final products in all their variabilities. We use the following processes for such projects.

Punching openings

How the machine works

Depending on the type, the device mechanically punches holes for variably mounted parts, such as parking sensors, headlight washers, driving assistants, or towing devices.

Ultrasonic welding

Without ultrasonic welding, you can’t manufacture a bumper with the correct properties.

How the machine works

The machine joins and fastens the component holders via riveting, penetration, or energy welding.

Mechanical assembly

Mechanical assembly is an integral part of manufacturing bumpers.

How the machine works

It gathers the main parts and assembles other components, usually via clips or screws, into the prepared openings and holders.

Machine cutting


How the machine works

The machine cuts openings and modifies the main part, which can’t be done using the normal cutting process.


Every product on our machines isn’t only manufactured with great quality but its required properties are also monitored and inspected.

How the machine works

Apart from product completeness checks, it specifically tests the functions of the individual, active components, such as the parking and driving assistants.


The more complex assembly processes are performed by applied robots.

How the machine works

Apart from normal handling, a set of cooperating robots is used for the complete process of finalizing the bumper cover.

Do you need more operators on one line?

We can easily handle half-automated machines as well as comprehensive production lines.

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