The Company Profile

On the premises of this dynamically developing company spreading on an area of more than 12,500 m2 there is all necessary technical and technological equipment, which is used by 130 employees in required professions. The young, but very experienced team uses up-to-date technologies and the latest knowledge of the world technology to carry out its own design and construction work and to ensure first-rate prompt service.

Main activities

The principal program of our company is to supply special technological equipment with various levels of automation, which is provided by us according to the customer´s requirements either completely or in a narrower range, i.e. as individual workplaces or whole assembly lines.

It involves mainly the following

  • Assembly shops
  • Places of testing and adjustment
  • Equipment for welding plastics and metals
  • Handling devices and robotized workplaces
  • Special presses
  • Single-purpose machine tools

The complete delivery includes

  • Preparation of project and construction documentation
  • Manufacturing and testing of the machine in our company
  • Equipment with all necessary devices, jigs and tools
  • Wiring, fitting with sensors and measuring devices
  • Hardware and software equipment
  • Providing technical documentation and operating instructions
  • Arranging transport to the place of destination
  • Installation, working tests and staff training
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Other activities

Manufacturing of industrial fittings, adjustments for the connection of drive units and servicing in this area is carried out in close cooperation with the company Moravia Systems a.s. Hodonín.

  • Designing and manufacturing of components and non-standard spare parts and their repairs
  • Transport of the machinery
  • Supplies of divided metallurgical material
  • Sand-blasting of metal parts
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