Equipment for welding plastics and metals

Equipment for welding plastics and metals is designed and produced with various levels of automation, i.e. from workplaces with manual setting of welded parts, to fully automated machines with automatic feeding of semi-finished products and automatic storage of the welded product.

Control operations form a part of these workplaces which ensures the quality of the product as well as of all input components. The equipment for welding plastics and metals makes use of ultrasonic technology. The hot mirror technology, or hot air heating and radiation heating are used for welding plastics. The equipment for welding metals uses the TIG technology and micro-resistance welding. Of interest might be the equipment for welding coil ends by means of hydrogen flames. The volume of annual production is 25 – 50 mil. CZK.

Our customers

Bosch, GAT, Fehrer, Visteon-Autopal, Ideal, ITW, Wesfalia, Isolit-Bravo, Automotiv Lighting, JP-Plast, Norgren

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