Special presses

Special presses are designed and manufactured with various levels of automation, i.e. from workplaces with manual setting of components and manual motion of mechanisms, to more or less demanding pneumatic and servo-electric motions, to fully automated machines with automatic feeding of components and storage of the final product.

Control operations form a part of these workplaces which ensures the quality of the product as well as of all input components. The most common operations regarding presses are cutting, trimming, bending, riveting, hemming and other joining by means of moulding, which is followed by quality control of these operations, i.e. measuring the depth, strength, position etc. The volume of annual production is 20 – 40 mil. CZK.

Our customers

Visteon-Autopal, Bosch, Continental, ITW, IAC, GAT, Siemens, Wocco, Westfalia, Mann+Hummel, Chirana, TRW

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